Psybot Terms of Use

Warning: Psybot is used only for personal help. Please contact a physician for medical problems.

Please read the terms of use carefully before using the application. People who use this application agree the following terms.

People using Psybot application and the web pages related to it agree that they are over 18 years of age and they read this agreement and they accept the agreement.


The information provided by this application is not a substitute for users’ relationship with the physician. It is a support. The information gained can only be used for supporting the user’s own information and life quality.


Using this application is not enough for curing any physchological complaint.


Psybot application asks and offers answers by using Negative Thoughts Record Form as a Cognitive Therapy tool by using the information provided by the client. It is not possible to cure a mental problem or a complaint by the information gained from the answers. The application does not offer any medication or a physcian.

If people change their treatment or distrupt it despite this disclosure, PsikoNET has no responsibility.


We as PsikoNET record the information gained in this application for scientific use. Personal information like user name, address, e-mail address are not included in the information used in our research. These personal information will not be used. Our users confirm this situation in advance.
The users may close their account whenever they want to. The personal information that they have entered will be erased in that case. The information other than the personal one will remain on PsikoNET data.